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I am a fully qualified and insured Beauty Therapist specialising in skincare.  As a Dermalogica Skincare Expert I have been intensively trained to the highest level, with a combination of practical, and theory, throughout a three tiered Dermalogica training programme. At Charlotte Keeling Skincare, we know that education leads to expertise. Expert knowledge enables solution orientated treatments, that give you results, and also help ensure that you can maintain these results at home.


Dermalogica Experts are known globally as a reliable source of applied skin care, knowledge and expertise, and can deliver highly personalised advice and treatments. Great skin is not about beauty, it’s about getting your healthiest skin ever!

Skincare and Facials


No matter what your age or stage of life your skin is constantly changing.   Environmental, hormonal, medical or lifestyle factors all have their part to play in how your skin looks and feels; the knock on effect is that well-being can be hugely affected and impact day to day life dramatically. My whole list of treatments is available here 


I can work with you on your journey to ensure that your skin is in its optimum condition by having bespoke professional Dermalogica treatments that really address your skins needs, as well as recommending a home regime to support all of the positive work taking place in the professional treatments.


Whether your skin is in need of a quick pick-me-up or a more in-depth  treatment, let me help you achieve the results you are looking for,  help you feel fabulous and be the very best version of you!


You can keep topped up on all your vital Dermalogica skincare products via my handy online store!

Dermalogica Expert!

I am a Dermalogica Expert. To learn more about what that means, and to view their corporate website, just click below

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 If you have specific questions or concerns, drop me a line! I am experienced in many different skincare areas – acne, Men’s face care, transgender face care to name a few.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and without obligation. Drop me a line here!

Charlotte Keeling Skincare

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